Just hitting it, just hitting it ahh!

8 Dec

OK so I have totally just hijacked this off my mate who posted it on FB. It is bloomin hilarious! At first I was a bit confused as to wether or not it’s a piss take but after reading the comments underneath it seems it ‘s actually real. Wonder if she still has a hip hop attitude?

I’m in to point’s a lot but their not your average points.



Adidas Christmas Tree Decoration!

7 Dec

I seen this on High Snobette and obv printed it off immediately and made my very own Adidas Decoration. If it wasn’t gona rinse my printer ink I would print off 30 of these and decorate my Christmas tree in Adidas trainers. This is the final product- to be honest I would use Pritt Stick not sellotape but unfortunately I got far too excited and made mine in haste.

Oh Nicki your so fine…..

7 Dec

….your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Nicki! Hey Nicki! OK enough of the chanting. Just look and watch wor Nicki being shot for NY times. Erm so all of you bitches who doubted her monstrous talent can shut it since the Harajuku Barbie is No. 2 on Billboards Top 200 and has the best selling album by a female MC in 10 years and it only came out 2 weeks ago- all you haters can die! Woah sorry was channeling Nicki for a sec there!


7 Dec

And then after I’d had the most marvelous time getting my hedge trimmed I would go home to my sexy house that will look exactly like this-

This is the interior of Kitsch n’ Swell in Montreal- me like!


7 Dec

If my hairdresser’s looked like this I’d be changing up my hair style every week! Seriously though how come kid’s get all the cool ‘ish? I am totally not too old for this at 24.

New Skillit.

6 Dec

So if you know about Skillit then you know this dude is a Joker! (If not then go and educate yourself by watching the videos at the bottom-honest they are hilarious) But surprisingly his new tune is rather serious- for him anyway. Obv he’s still catching some jokes in the video but it has shown a new side of the funny man to me.



Canny outfit pet.

6 Dec