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Can Kanye get any weirder?…

21 Dec

Shotta Culture

21 Jun
New Spragga Benz, it’s all about the reggae vibes this summer (well every summer!). Heavy bass and high grade are the key ingredients!

Bad Gal Tune!!!

17 Jun

I’ve heard this a few times now but it only really hit me today how sick this tune is! Been searching the net for about an hour to find it, listen on LOUD!

Happy Birthday Tupac!!

16 Jun

Sad, sad, sad!! Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) would have been 39 today, would you believe it? I would love to know what he would be getting up to now….Would he have collaborated with Eminem, Lil Wayne or Drake? Got Nicki Minaj to sing a chorus?…..I reckon he definitely would have made some more films…

CometGirls selection: Keep ya Head Up (bit of a soppy choice)

-This is definitely Tupac on his conscious poet tip, good look!

BagLady’s selection: Hit em’ Up (Gully choice)

-My man on a aggy vibe, sexy look!

UK Overstood

16 Jun
Make sure you check out UK Overstood people, a bit like Channel U (but a bit more sophisticated talent!) Here are some videos/tunes from people that I could be arsed to look at! Watch out for Big Ben – ‘The only home I need’, without the best tune on this ROAD RAP page!

Check em out here:


Eminem Ft. Ri Ri

9 Jun

I am proper feeling this tune- heard it for the first time this morning and so far have wheeled it 7 times!

GTFOH Rihanna

2 Jun

…. seriously who you tryin to kid with all this lesbian bizzle??? Honestly this girl is really starting to piss me off- I HATE it when famous people get all lesbianed up for the sake of it, or sorry to make more p’s. Aint’ got nothing against the woman on woman thing, just have a huge problem with straight girls using it as a marketing tool. And you know what the crazy shit is he prob think this is some kind of symbol for female liberation when she’s actually just playing into stereotypical male fantasies. Guarantee the only people who’ll be watchin this tripe on repeat are school boys. SMH!