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Role Reversal

21 Dec

I watched this video the other day with my boyfriend and we were like, OH SNAP! I can’t believe we have only just seen this!  It’s wicked, know one particularly famous in it but Miss Paris does cover Lil’ Wayne’s verse as he is sadly locked under the jail.  His verse is siiiick tho, and spit from prison?! Boyeee, gettin a bit slack in the US prisons now!

What I love is that the woman are like female versions of the real cats, although I do think that the drake girl could have been better cast…..

So it got me thinking of other videos where woman play the men and mime their lyrics.  All good selections below.

Drake ft Jay Z & Lil Wayne  – Light Up

Ghetts – Sing for Me

Beyonce – Upgrade You

These were the first to come in to my head, but comment if you can think of anymore!


This week….

16 Dec

…..I have mostly been watching Christmas films. Fave scene so far from White Christmas-


16 Dec

Ermm anyone else noticed there’s a bit of a trend going on at the min with the word Monster? I realised a lil while ago and I gota say I think it may have all started will Lady GaGaGoGa- she does use the word hellalot! Her power is clearly strong enough to infiltrate the minds of these celebs-

I also found this gem while on YouTube, I thought it was my fave funny man MC, Skillet but quite clearly not. Had to Wikipedia these dudes and it turns out they are a Christian rock band- a term that makes me lauff lots! Apparently this came out in 2009 so maybe it’s actually God controlling all these celebs.

Most ridiculous Ad campaign of A/W 2010

13 Dec

Well since seeing the collection way back whenever I knew Chanel would be the hands down winner of this. I mean come on, for fecks sake the whole yeti shit is amazingly ridiculous! Like crazy stupid- people need to realise that just because Kreepy Karl designed it does not mean it is cool. I actually can’t put into words how much this annoys me. If its that cold that they need to wear 5 inch deep shag pile the why the hell doesn’t she have anything on her legs?

Most interesting Ad Campaign of A/W 2010

13 Dec

This hands down is the winner for me just because I spent approximately 7 min looking at the shoes, 2 and a half min looking at the trousers and about a min looking at the top/jacket. That’s a long time to look at one advert therefore I would call it rather interesting. Balenciaga are really floating my boat.

Most yawn inducing Ad Campaign of A/W 2010

13 Dec

This is so incredibly boring. The clothes, the shoes, the bag, the model the whole thing is just YAWN! I mean what era is this even from? 1992? Like I know Ralph is all preppy and traditional and that’s there thing but come on dude this is just so backwards it could probably be classed as retro. And jheezzz don’t even bother going on the website coz if it’s even possible the website is more boring than this shit. Excuse the terrible quality of the pic but the backwards advert turned my phone into a 1970’s camera.

Just hitting it, just hitting it ahh!

8 Dec

OK so I have totally just hijacked this off my mate who posted it on FB. It is bloomin hilarious! At first I was a bit confused as to wether or not it’s a piss take but after reading the comments underneath it seems it ‘s actually real. Wonder if she still has a hip hop attitude?

I’m in to point’s a lot but their not your average points.