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7 Dec

If my hairdresser’s looked like this I’d be changing up my hair style every week! Seriously though how come kid’s get all the cool ‘ish? I am totally not too old for this at 24.



10 Jun

I wish Missy was a blonde dog coz I’d be straight to Pak’s for some hair dye! I want a Tiger dog!!!

Poorly Dressed

2 Jun

I have been fooked today at work coz I was up till very late last nite looking at this hilarious website of very badly dressed people. Seriously check it out for some class A shits and giggle. Here are some that I found particularly impressive, I haven’t copied in the quotes which make this pics even funnier so go to the link to read em as well.(PS also check out If shoes could kill & Wedinator– hours of fun!)

Bad Sex…

1 Jun

…..I thought I had had some pretty terrible moments, until I read this! Fucking hilarious- the champagne bottle one is my fave/most likely to make me throw up in my mouth.

Street Boners

1 Jun
So former Vice man, Gavin McInnes ha released a wonderfully pretentious street style book, featuring a whole host of geeky, trendy, slagish and mash out fashionistas from his website. The book also features city travelguides and a time line of “The History of Cool” (seriously tho who the fuck decides this bullshit??). Anyway if your a street-style photography fanatic and wana expand your collection beyond Fruits and The Satorialist then get coping.