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Jean Grae

6 Dec

I freakin love this Lady, she is one of my fave female MC’s. So I was very happy to see this free download of Love Song Part 4. Tho’ I gota admit I’ve only heard part 1- I’m clearly not a dedicated enough fan, is there even a part 2 and 3?  Anyhoo download the song here. Listen to Love Song Part 1 this very minute if you ain’t already-


Paul Wall

13 Jun

New FREE mixtape from Paul Wall – ‘Sole Music’ here.

Poorly Dressed

2 Jun

I have been fooked today at work coz I was up till very late last nite looking at this hilarious website of very badly dressed people. Seriously check it out for some class A shits and giggle. Here are some that I found particularly impressive, I haven’t copied in the quotes which make this pics even funnier so go to the link to read em as well.(PS also check out If shoes could kill & Wedinator– hours of fun!)

21 Love Salute

22 Jan

I know that this is supposed to happen at the weekend, but it nearly is! This mixtape is just sooo good I had to share! If you haven’t downloaded already get here