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Role Reversal

21 Dec

I watched this video the other day with my boyfriend and we were like, OH SNAP! I can’t believe we have only just seen this!  It’s wicked, know one particularly famous in it but Miss Paris does cover Lil’ Wayne’s verse as he is sadly locked under the jail.  His verse is siiiick tho, and spit from prison?! Boyeee, gettin a bit slack in the US prisons now!

What I love is that the woman are like female versions of the real cats, although I do think that the drake girl could have been better cast…..

So it got me thinking of other videos where woman play the men and mime their lyrics.  All good selections below.

Drake ft Jay Z & Lil Wayne  – Light Up

Ghetts – Sing for Me

Beyonce – Upgrade You

These were the first to come in to my head, but comment if you can think of anymore!


Can Kanye get any weirder?…

21 Dec