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Girl Crush

30 Nov

So my (and everyone and their Mam) love affair with Nicki Minaj is growing stronger by the minute. Today I mostly spent my day watchin Nicki vid’s and in particular enjoyed the MTV documentary- My Time Now. It made me love her even more- this girl ain’t just some Barbie Cartoon MC, she’s a super smart ambitious lady. This clip just sums her up to me, love it!

If you wana watch the rest Google Nicki Minaj, My Time Now. I tried to post a link for you but MTV is being LONG!

On n please excuse the quality of the vid- the proper one was taken down n I had to replace it with this one.




30 Nov

If you live in Newcastle you will know that you ain’t nobody unless you’ve been rockin’ a Barbour jacket for at least a year (and Hunter Wellies, a Fake Bake spray tan and a pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings). I gota admit it’s a rather strange choice of clothing for the ladies of Newcastle to choose as the must have item but it does look pretty damn hot. I personally have my eye on a sexy leather number (currently retailing for ¬£499, if anyone wants to get me a Chrimbo present).

Barbour was started in South Shields (very close to Newcastle) over 100 years ago. The store originally supplied clothing to seamen, fisherman, shipyard workers and the likes, but in 1957 they started to manufacture their own products, for which they remain famous for today. The company is now ran by the 4th generation of Barbour’s and has been ran by women since 1968 (a fact that we like).

I always get excited when old British brands get re-discovered by the youth and give the brand a new lease of life, but this one is very exciting as they are one of the few remaining brands that still manufacture in the UK oh yeh and their Geordies. Have a butchers at some of their latest offerings  all available at