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Outa the Vault.

31 May
It is scientifically impossible to play this tune without singing along- fact.

Erykah Badu – June/July Vibe Magazine cover!!

30 May

How exciting! Vibe has confirmed that E Badu will be gracing the June/July Vibe cover, siiiiick! Here is an out-take to prove it! Bring it oooooon!

Just be Good to Me!

22 May
I’m putting this up here mostly because I luuurve all the garms in this video. There is not one thing (bar what PG is wearin) that I wouldn’t love to have in my wardrobe. I also really like Professor Green……Enjoy.

Thierry Le Goues “Amazones”

22 May

Swear down, Kanye West has got some ‘on it’ contributers man. I wish I had a job where I could sit about and research interesting $hit all day and then blog about it and then get paid serious dough!……Anyways nuff of my daydreeaming, I saw these pictures on Kanye’s ‘fashion’ section of his blog and was blown away. They straight away reminded me of the artwork in ‘Belly’ (a film Hype Williams) which is one of my favourite films. If you have seen the film, you will remember the iconic image above.

Make sure you check his website Thierry Le Goues!

To see them in all their hi-def glory click here

Haaawt alert!

22 May

I don’t ever buy GQ Magazine as it’s not really one that has ever grabbed my attention, but daaaaaamn this shoot is hot! The styling is on point and definatey makes me wanna step out in some bondage gear and just throw a trucker shirt over it!

Ana Beatriz Barros in GQ UK August 2009

Graduate Fashion Week 2010

22 May

Is upon us again! God I remember when I was at uni, (which seems like time ago) and was proper $hitting myself about the final selections…….savage. It’s like anything that you are nervous about, after it’s happened your like ‘why did I worry so much?’. But I feel for all the students who have been going through the dramas of putting together and finalising their collections ready for GFW 2010.

Running from 6th-10th June at Earls Court 2, this year looks set to be another interesting foray into the future of fashion. So make sure you visit the static exhibitions, and if you haven’t got a ticket for the gala show, get on dat! Tickets available on the website (link above).

No hats, No trainers

20 May

Is a new young person’s show from the BBC, it’s a kinda young”urban” (eurgh hate that word) programme looking at music, sports, arts,fashion and culture. Its hosted by 1Xtra’s Mista Jam and features somefunny bits from Skillit and The Cuban Brothers. If your sleeping on the TV like me you’ll have to catch up on the iplayer, and unfortunately episode 1 is gone, but episdoe 2 is there. Watch that ish!