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The Boiler Room #7

27 Apr

Boiler Room #7 W/ Budgie, Eric Lau And DJ Rags.

Live now people. Tune in, mellow out!!


Cinnamon Rolls.

27 Apr
Loving the cinnamon roll curls in Vogue Russia’s shoot featuring Leva Laguna. Photographed by Matt Irwin.


27 Apr

Our fave UK singing lady, Fatima is hitting us up with a beautiful summer jam. 


27 Apr

New label lust!! BODYAMR are only in their second season but oh my days do they have it goin on. Their whole SS10 collection is sexy, innovative and most of all totally wearable. Check it out-



25 Apr

So I went out to central yesterday which was nice because I seem to rarely make it out these days and see whats good in the fashion streets!….Work hey?, long!

Anyway, whilst on Greek Street I wondered past KOKON TO ZAI that caught my eye big time, and looking at the pictures below, you will see why! It’s been a while since I went into a shop and loved the experience…

Below is some of the A/W 2010 collection that they have available, and man do I want a lot of it!

They stock:

Bernhard Wilhelm
Vivienne Westwood and many more…

Stores in London + Paris.

Alexander McQueen biography

25 Apr

Can you believe the quickness of this book?! I suppose it has been a little while since McQueen’s tragic death…but boy!

So anyway, Elle has reported that the first McQueen autobigraphy entitled Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation is being released on 7th May.

The book takes a look back at McQueen’s incredible life and career, charting his rise from East End childhood to bad boy ruler of the fashion world until his tragic death in February this year. It also includes over 120 images of his most memorable creations.


22 Apr

I was just looking over the blog when I realised we’ve been slacking hard on the fashion front! And to be honest it’s because not much has really got me going fashion wise for a lil while. But while I was in Islington this afternoon I popped into Diverse boutique, which has a lovely mixture of labels from high-end designers to pretty girly to sporty chic. While mooching around I came across Dagmar, which I have seen somewhere before but not really paid much attention too, but having a second look I realised they have some real nice pieces. Have a butchers-