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Moving forward.

28 Feb

Change might be on the horizon ladies! Miuccuia Prada controversially used 4 ‘plus sized’ models as part of the Prada A/W 2010 runway. The models in question-

Doutzen Kroes 
Lara Stone 
Miranda Kerr
 Catherine McNeil

Are these ladies going to become the faces of change in the fashion industry? The size debate has been going on for time now and thus far not much seems to have been done about it, but with the ‘plus size’ issue of V on the shelves last month, Mark Fast’s use of curvy ladies and now Prada’s (who have always been forerunners in the use of broomstick size prepubescent girls for many years) are we eventually about to see all this talk put into action? Change may start at the top and let’s face it until the major fashion houses accept that variety is beautiful we prob wont see much change in the mainstream. Although admittedly Debenhams have used a ‘plus sized’ and a disabled model in their latest ad’s, maybe the high street will start following it’s own ideas rather than the ones of the ‘gay fashion mafia’ at the top. 
I use the phrase ‘gay fashion mafia’ as a model agency boss was quoted as saying they were the reason a model of his, who according to NHS guidelines is half a stone underweight, was refused a job this week due to being ‘overweight’. 
When will people in the fashion industry realise that they can call the shots and they don’t need to follow the minority of small minded individuals at ‘the top’? 
To be fair though I do hope everyone jumps on this bandwagon because something needs to be done if people actually think this looks good-


JG Ballard Exhibition

28 Feb

Yesterday me and the team went to see the JG Ballard inspired exhibition ‘Crash’ held at the Gasgosian Gallery in Brittania Street, near Kings Cross station.

If you know JG Ballard, you’ll know the classic controversial film entitled ‘Crash’….When I watched it, I was a bit like, wtf, is this shit for real?!! Just because the concept is so mental! He wrote the book in 1973, much to many people’s horror!! It was based on symphorophilia which is sexual car-crash fetishism. Written in a highly sensualised manner, the books characters stage real life car crashes (for example James Dean’s infamous crash) which get them sexually aroused. A bit off-key really!

The film is really well done though, and shows you a world otherwise unbeknownst to most. I mean whoever would have though that someones leg hanging off them was sexy? Obviously there are different levels to symphorophilia, just like any fetish, but the film covers just about everything.

On to the exhibition, the pictures are a homage to Mr Ballard and include a whole host of artists ‘attuned to the Ballardian universe’. You’ve got a true visual fest of original art works, including some by super famous artists such as Man Ray, Salvidor Dali, Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichenstein, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat! Badness!

And you know that the best things about it are that it is a) FREE and b) You can take photographs! Sick!


6-24 Britannia Street


11th February – 1st April 2010

Here are some pictures to get you going in the meantime!

Industry Takeover

27 Feb

If your a wannabe MC, singer, DJ or just a huge urban music fan this is a day for you-
Urban Development, in association with Rich Mix, will be TAKING OVERthe multi-media arts complex in East London to bring you performances,workshops and seminars from top names in the urban music industry!

Seminars| Vocal/Production Workshops | Emerging Stage | Dance Off | DJWorkshops | Open Mic Sessions | Marketing Masterclass | Urban Cinema |Music Market | Industry Showcase

Master Shortie | Devlin | Princess Nyah | Scorcher | Mz Bratt | Ny | UDVC

Ras Kwame | Chantelle Fiddy | Griminal | Hattie Collins | Twin B | Terror Danjah
Miranda Cooper | Michael Lawrence | Chris Meikan

Hammer | Chockz | Leanne Robinson | Enrico | English | Bex | Shivz Dotz | Dirty Billy | Chantel | Delicia | Rebecca Broomfield




DATE: Saturday, March 6th 2010
VENUE: Rich Mix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
TICKETS: £5 in adv / £7 on door
TIME: 12pm – 9pm (registration closes at 4pm)

Danielle Scutt A/W 2010

27 Feb

LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEEE this lady! For some reason she didn’t have a show at LFW this season, prob something to do with money. Same old story- so instead we got the press shoots. I was racking my brains for ages trying to remember who the model reminds me off and it’s Daniel Merriweather!


Miu Miu window

27 Feb

I meant to put this up last week when I took the picture, alas I did not and knowing fashion, the window is probably completely different now!!

But we love the vibrancy and styling of this though, and would like to deck ourselves out in floral/tribal garms please!

The Clothes Show Live!

27 Feb

OOOh so exciting, because you know Summer is a comin’ when the Clothes Show Live is back in town! 25-27 June 2010

The website is currently having a ‘makeover’, but click here to get in there and secure some tickets.

Expect the usual:

  • 45 minute fashion and dance extravaganza in the Fashion Theatre.
  • Shop from the hundreds of brands, boutiques and discounted designer labels.
  • Industry experts presenting Summer fashion trends and tips on what to wear this Winter.
  • Hair and beauty demonstrations packed with insider tips and tricks.
  • Professional make-overs including the perfect tan, manicure and luxurious pampering treatments.
  • Celebrity hairdressers performing hair transformation miracles.
  • Watch a beach catwalk show on real sand.
  • Choose between champagne or cocktails and recharge your batteries with our selection of delicious chocolate treats.

Sign the Petition!

27 Feb

As BagLady already reported the cock’s at Hackney Council are trying to close Plastic People down, you can join the Facebook group in support of keeping this amazing venue open but now there’s also a petition to sign that will hopefully make them realise there are no bad vibes at PP, just pure Love! And speakin of Plastic, FWD is back on from next Thurs, it feels like forever!