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Wha Gwan?

20 Jul

What’s really bad with Donatella’s mug? Everything!…….

Christian lacroix

7 Jul

WHAAAAAAAAAT! Christian Lacroix went into administration last Thursday!

“The commercial court in Paris placed Christian Lacroix into administration for a period of six months yesterday.
It remains unclear whether the couture house will show at the next Haute Couture fashion week in Paris which takes place July 6-9.
Last week Christian Lacroix said it planned to file for bankruptcy protection after it was hit by falling sales.
Christian Lacroix himself, who set up the label in 1987, is reported to have said he will give “200%” to keep the fashion house running. Reports suggest that the designer is owed around €1.2 million (£1m) by the company.”*


Michael Jackson

7 Jul

Before I start anything on here again, I gotta say R.I.P. to the king of not only pop, but pretty much all music….

All Kings Die Young seems to become a truer statement everyday.